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Our offer to local franchisers
(channel partners)

An opportunity to run your own Fiesta platform - For a one time payment of AED 10,000 -25,000, we will lease you a Fiesta device, install and maintain it for you. Once installed, as an incentive, any ads you refer to us from your business associates, neighbours or network partners, you will receive a 15% referrers fee. After the device is up and running, you will be charged from us only a small service fee which will be determined by the frequency of changes to ads. (The higher the service fee - the more income you are making from being our advertising channel partner!).

If you cannot afford the set-up fee we are happy to give you the basic unit for free, and you can customise the environment to suit your premises. In this scenario, you will receive 10% of the service charge revenue.

Our offer to leasing managers

We need visibilty in all the best places, be it shopping malls, hotels or commercial centres. We have identified various locations where we know our Fiesta device will be a major attraction and service our advertising clients requirements of bringing their message to their target audience. For these places we are prepared to pay to lease the right space at the going rate per sq foot. We will be approaching all of our targets in the next few weeks but if you are a leasing manager and think you have a good space for us (Or a good idea we haven't thought off yet) give us a call. We'd be interested to talk to you.

Our offer to international franchisers

If you think Fiesta is a good idea we can franchise the concept to you at a rate of 2% of your sales per anum. This will allow you to make a valid copy of our trademarked product and mirror our marketing approach to your local market.

Multi station internet access device



Single unit Fiesta device

Our guarantee to you

We believe that you will make a lot of income from having Fiesta installed on your premises. This is not an empty promise. All the time you have our device you can see how its performing. You can see the daily changes and the potential it has by the interest it generates. And all the time you have 'custody' of our platform you have control over our agreement. You choose if it stays or goes. This is our guarantee to you - you have our livelyhood in your pocket!

The Franchiser Focus

Our Franchisers are business entities ranging from shopping mall owners and hotel managers to individual business ventures (for example clinics / spas / shop owners). To qualify as a franchiser you must be able to provide a DSL internet connection and a space where there is sufficient 'customer traffic' to justify installation of a device.

We can offer our franchisers (channel partners) a percentage of the ad revenue at a variable percentage rate dependent on location and visibility or/and ad space on the machine to showcase their products and services. We will charge our channel partners only a service and maintainance fee.


We will install our machine on a one month trial for any interested parties taking a security deposit equivalent to one months maintainance charges in the form of a pd cheque. If our channel partner decides that he no longer wants the machine after one month we will return the deposit and take our machine back.


In addition to hosting 'Fiesta' channel partners can enjoy it's benefits as an advertiser with a dedicated slot for their own video advertisement or slideshow and a two page local microsite on the Fiesta Marketplace. You can also choose to run your ad on five other locations throughout Dubai (excluding direct competitors' sites). As a channel partner we would encourage you to approach your business partners or neighbours and sell on ad space on a commission basis (15%). This way you will be able to take maximum advantage of the installation.

If you would like to extend your advertising campaign above the scope of our basic package, we have special rates for our channel partners - flyers, brochures, custom websites can all be supplied as stand alone services or as part of a strategic marketing plan - and our highly competent design arm can supply these services at the highest level and realistic price for you.


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