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The Advertiser Focus

Advertisers are acutely aware that there is a squeeze on their finances because of the global economic downturn. We are in an excellent position to offer an advertising solution which is just as appropriate for major brands as it is for single shop units.

Q What do we offer that is so attractive to advertisers?

A We offer 'ethical advertising' - how does it work for you?

We have created a very cost effective advertising platform - actual advertisng is free and the service cost is only fils per second - so we pass on the savings to you. The service charge (based on location and configuration) is to ensure our staff are paid, our external costs are met and we can continue to develop our product.

We believe that if we can contribute in some way to reducing living costs, to consumers and businesses, we contribute to the greater good. 20% reduction in the cost of living, more commerce, more jobs - equals a happier world with less crime, poverty and exploitation.

Imagine all the people...

We want our advertisng customers to 'grow' with us and with the strengthening of relationships, we are in a good position to give top class service to our clients - whatever their needs.

Our design facility is capable of producing high level content for all businesses we are a cost-effective one-stop partner for growing enterprises and a trustworthy guardian of bigger brands.

The many media options we offer are guaranteed to engage a wider range of customers with the varied approaches and time-slot scenarios. This is 'viral' marketing in the sense that the ad will get 'under the skin' of your target audience, one way or the other..

Why choose Fiesta?

Fiesta is a very visible / tangible result of advertising spend. Advertisers want to hear and see results of their ad budget, be it a radio / tv ad - ads in a newspaper or magazine or billboard. We have a very strong physical presence in the local area, and a presence that is qualified by the landlord or partner in their role as franchisers.

We offer quick solutions and can react to 'special offers' within 24 hours. The tangible result will be displayed right in the local / target area to maximise returns for the duration of the special offer.

Discount vouchers coming soon - When our Fiesta Marketplace goes live in the spring, anybody registering with FAME can enjoy valuable discounts at a host of shops and restaurants. Just by registering on our website either through your own computer or for free via our Fiesta Marketplace portal on our devices, we can prequalify you as a FAME discount holder when you present a paperless SMS voucher to the retailer.

This facility is particularily suited to 'short shelf life' - seasonal specials - stock clearances etc. The take up of these discount vouchers is also reassuring to the advertisers as they get a tangible return on their advertising investment.

On certain configurations, the internet is available but customers can also have a 'free' internet experience which is our Fiesta Marketplace which showcases our advertisers products and services at no cost to the customer.

Need a shoe shop? - Visit the Fiesta Marketplace first and find what special offers and product range our shoe shop advertisers have in stock. In a hotel lobby? - Want to go on a jeep safari? - Find out the rates and offers of the safari company - with the addition of fast video shots and discount coupons to attract as well!

What are our target markets?

Fiesta covers a broad demographic range of customers and content is displayed in two languages. Should an advertiser wish to supply content in another language we can of course run it but it is the advertisers' responsibility to ensure it complies with local legislation and public decency.

Most of our content will be consumer focussed but we can help many types of companies:

It is particularily suited to FMCG products that need to be shifted because of sell by dates or shelf-life factors.

• It is a valid and unique channel for large ad campaigns where the subliminal enforcement of brand awareness is the objective.

• It provides an excellent platform for new business startups to get a foothold in their marketplace without the need to invest in a cost intensive 'above the line' campaign. We can help such clients with a marketing pack appropriate to their budget and needs.

• Foreign agencies can utilise Fiesta to gain visibility in the UAE. (Tourist Organisations etc) We can operate as their local partner and guide them through the process of bringing their offer to market secure in the knowledge that we know the make-up of the local market and can advise on the most appropriate route.

• Professionals operating as sole-traders or 'micro' business units will benefit from the visibility we can offer them - and it can be tailored to specific areas and hot spots to better target their potential clientele.


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