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The road to revolution with Fiesta

Evolution is comfortable because it takes us from where we are
to where we want to be.

We can do this at our own pace or we can go on a roller-coaster ride
- now that's revolution!

All innovations evolve -
the spark of genius comes from a process of evolution.

We believe in evolution - and revolution...

About us

FAME was established by an expatriate Indian Dubai resident of over 25 years. With extensive business experience also in Australasia, the Far East, US and Europe, he brings an incredible amount of product and market knowledge to the development of the FAME agency in GCC countries and eventually to a global audience. Our MD feels a personal gratitude to the government of Dubai and its visionary leadership for having shaped his life over the last quarter of a century and empowered him to have such a rewarding business career in this country. He now feels confident that the FAME agency will provide a platform for business growth for all of those companies that choose to use our services.

FAME was set up in October 2010 with the express aim of bringing the 'Festival' back to the retail and services sector, following a painful period of economic downturn for local enterprises. The first part of our route to market is 'FIESTA' (Trademarked globally as FAME DEVICE) - a development from our 'festival' idea. These machines will form the multifunctional hub for our marketing and advertising packages.

We have gone through a sustained period (2 years+ ) of 'Beta testing' and our product is market ready and installable in as little as 24 hours for our stand alone machine.

More importantly our people are market ready. We now have a multi-national team of designers, marketeers, product engineers and consultants ready to implement advertising solutions for our clients. And we are all here because of evolution...

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