Be visible - choose FIESTA

Government follow my plan in next 10 years 1 rupee will be equal to 65 US dollars and india become 100% tax free country in this world

Dubai is Islamic Country or Las Vegas Country -


Dubai Law - If Dubai is giving passport to new born babys in Dubai, Dubai UAE Population will increase, 2017 not even 10 million click here
any residence spends more than 25 years in Dubai they will get Dubai UAE citizenship..

Check link http://www.needjustice.net/d380.html - QLD VEXATIOUS MEDIA CHECK Images for Indians burn Australian flag in protest after...

The only one Man in India is Raj Thackeray RBI bank and Modi - GST and tax free country this three will make Indian TAX free country Raj Thackeray Will make this 5 Sangam of Hindu Temple, Mosque and Church unit & all Marathi Woman will Be free to work making their own new business making like buffet shop...




5 place Sangam full year tourist place India

One India 5 place Sangam Hindu, Muslim, Christian Pakistan Indian unite

world unity world unity world unity world unity world unity world unity world unity world unity world unity world unity world unity world unity world unity world unity world unity

If Musharraf become PM in Pakistan All Muslim around the world come to India and Pakistan to live -




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Mummedia is good or zee tv media? (http://zeenews.india.com/) Films After 1992 Zee Media Adult Films

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Our building is falling please inform to modi and media to take interview to Dayal Mansukhani If there is Islamic or Thackerays building they will take 5000rs?

Kashmir 10 lacs rupee and 5 years rent free houses for kashmiri citizens Kashmir 12 lacs or 10 lacs + 5000rs rent and only passport holder will get this benefits Kashmir Project- Kashmir 370 - Update every week

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50 billion hawkers 10 to 50 rupee sales bank will get trillions of rupees will get & only India has 50 billion public Bank invest public money and Bank will be politician within a year one billion new bank will be open Project Idea - Debit Card Project - Update every week

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Brochure Spinning arrow

In coastal engineering, a tetrapod is a tetrahedral concrete structure used in breakwaters. A tetrapods shape is designed to dissipate the force of incoming waves by allowing water to flow around rather than against it, and to reduce displacement by allowing a random distribution of tetrapods to interlock.

Bank will control sea Tetrapodin 1km Indian will not drown this responsibility for bank and government Tetrapod is a tetrahedral concrete structure used in breakwaters.


Per sqkm has 50 million people taking controlled by One Court, One Law, CCTV cameras than world will be peace. One Sqkm World Project - Click here - One Sqkm World Project


In every building all 5 floors for only 100 cars parking in it school, collage. separate space for tenants, bussiness offices and takeway pick and drop facillity for them.. Patrol price will be zero Building Project -

Building Project - Coming soon more video media Every week update


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Please check this Bank of Baroda done fraud with INR citizens more then 4 Billion rupees of Fraud.. Bank of Baroda Fraud Bank of Baroda Dayal - Media video -


Media take interview to Modi If you have Indusind bank account Please check this Indusind Bank fraud 10 cror rupees with INR citizens Dayal law suits..Indusind Bank - Fraud


Banks Fraud History video notice

Indian NRI coming back to india Because of this type of fraud lawyers Fraud Hindu lawyers Bombay, Australia, Dubai, fraud lawyers media take interview to this 4 lawyers.

Brochure Brochure Brochure Brochure Punalekar Petition                                                     Dubai Lawsuit       Narayan Lawyer

Journalist media make this type of media you make wrong media make real media not fake... 1 rupee equal to 65 dollar Hindu temple make new India Hindu temple control bank and bank make Morden World Bank will make all projects now see what church and mosque money will do.


Hindu NRI and Pakistanis come to India and Pakistan to unite India Pakistan

World Amazing Modern Agriculture Progress Mega Machines Farming -


If Musharraf become PM in Pakistan then India and Pakistan two nations will be unite in peace -





Even UK and US will accept and respect this Gandhi’s Mum media brain  and no one in the whole world could beat it. Mum Media covers every building. Product competitor fighting and fight for one supplier. Today in Dubai, UAE first came one Telecom and then came another . So two telecom is together competition and public get benefit and expense going down 60%. Today every product has ten competitor. One product 99 % expiry date. Today 2000 Dirhams product after 1 month 1,800 Dhs. If like this the public and businessmen will suffer. Because, public cannot get the original product and businessmen cannot get their original profit. So, right now take action Fame Device. This is the one powerful device in the world

Service charge of 2 fils/second to 3 fils/second would be the only expense that could save millions per device. This is shared by the whole team which includes 25% government agencies, 15% corporate investors, 10-15% property owners and manpower will be constantly updating our model and increasing our range of services from our media team 1-5 fils per second who will increase your advertising without increasing your media expenses.

Benefits to all
This will lead to a 90% reduction in petroleum consumption and the government will make siginificant savings as well.
• reduction of 20-50% saving in living costs
• the UAE enjoy exponential growth
• media expenses slashed
• a return to full employment
• a reduction in property costs
• promotion of expiry-date /end-of line products

For a small or big business, minimum of 25,000 to millions of investment and 2 to 3 months of hard work are essential. Still do you have any guarantee in making money? but not Mum media has been set up in your place. Are you earning? Dont be nervous if you did not succeed. Read promises of Mom Media below. Take this chance if you are sincere.

Just select your model available 0.5 - 10 sqm metres of space and within the month you will get a result see your business grow multifold; 365 day 100% festival extra income Per Day and millions of dollars of media cost can be saved. Increase your reputation and business by providing a single time investment of 10 AED to 25,000 AED.

Book your advert from anywhere in the world and be visible in Dubai within no time - we can display your product or service in any of our systems within one hour of receipt of your artwork. Whether you are a small or large business - just select your location - and watch your business grow.

Where will you find Fiesta? Fiesta is designed to integrate into many environments, be it shopping malls, coffee shops, hotel foyers, business centres, spas, clinics and exhibition centres.

What's so attractive? We offer a range of advertising channels and device configurations that can be customised to suit. We recognise that no two businesses are the same so we have designed Fiesta with your individuality in mind! From single units to multiple terminals/screens easily linked in a multitude of layouts designed for the customer space - our digital hub is designed for humans!

Sprinkle a little fiesta magic this year. Experience a novel and unique way to decrease your media costs and turbo-charge your sales. Fiesta is a partnership of ideas - low cost advertising - promoting items that are real discounts - benefiting the advertiser and the customer.
Fiesta is unique because unlike other media platforms such as TV ads or billboards it offers multi-screen, print and digital in an all-in-one device. A high visibility, low-cost multi-channel advertising one-stop-shop. Fiesta is innovative, localised, dual-language and just as appropriate for major brands as it is for single shops.

Fiesta uses several different integrated media channels, thereby covering the full spread of customer product experiences. Video, slideshow, posters, lightbox, local internet market place and printed flyers - one or more of these will be sure to 'tick the box' of potential customers! And in one configuration its all wrapped up with a low-cost internet access point! Unlike some digital media systems - it is very visible and very tactile - on eye-level with your customers - inviting them to touch, play, enjoy!

Maximise your special offers! Take advantage of our incredibly low rates so your REAL special offer prices needn't be loaded with your media costs - so the customer fully enjoys the discount. We offer quick solutions and can react to 'short shelf life' - seasonal specials - stock clearances etc within 24 hours. The ad will be displayed right in the target area to maximise returns for the duration of the special offer.

Professionals Questions:
1. Are you happy with your present job?  
2. Are you getting the right salary you deserve?
3. Are you able to pay your credit card and loans in time?
4. Are you able to save at least 3,000 Dhs. a month?
5. If you were able to save 1,000 Dhs. per month; in 20 years
    will that money pay for your retirement, vacations,
    healthcare, childrens education, aging parents, house and etc?

Enjoy Job Security, Earn salaries compatible with your qualification and experience. Live a Life Free of Job Pressure and Uncertainties. 

One million building and UAE passport local is only 890,000 people. Local Dubai UAE one million building I want one million branches of franchises of Fame. I want UAE, locaI I will give all local citizen channel partner make each building near the home area 200 square ft. place easily making per month 10 to 15 % net income media 20 to 25,000 within the 1 to 3 years up to 50,000. All local happy, this grow its family membership within 10 years making more than 5 million. This project I offer HS. Dhahi Kalfan Sheikh of the Law. You all local please read our petition -

Contact Mr. Dayal and read our website proper and grow Dubai UAE number 1. This law firm declares in February and 50% residence expense go down. If UAE local take order from Dubai court

Without breakfast, lunch and dinner your body also not give you proper work + minimum 5 hour release the body.

I give you guarantee. First 3 month you take a low basic plus your work income 50%.  Plus, Everyday bonus. If you are lazy then you are not making money.  If you are hardworking making everyday profit.
If not, then what you need is another source of income that does not interfere with your present work.  A freelance business that you can do in your spare time, just an hour or two a day; and will let you earn either the same amount of your present salary or even more! If you are serious in changing your life then meet with us to talk about this opportunity that can change your future. Take action and apply today!
Especially Hindu Muslim women are suffering them also suffer when Men suffer through out the World. Without women no any mans success support mother sister or family Women more educated than men. 90% husband family dependent visa all type of professional experience Today 90% media control women.

I want to copy of this project to reduce the crime in the world.

Without this device no product can make progress and every government & their ministers should be asking for this device. It is just like food & oxygen because  without both of these things then no one can live.

I challenge all the big nations like USA, UK, Russia to copy my product – and not only this but also my thinking along the lines of Gandhi. I don’t want benefit, I want good luck for all the people and to help humanity.

Government responsibility make court and control, same as DEWA and Municipality. If government take Mum Media run and control Govt. can save everyday $28 Billion per day. Before 200 hundred years UK lead all the world and then in 1971 release the UAE. After release UAE is nothing. After seven ruler hardworking made World Trade Center in Dubai. UK took Hongkong for 99 years as a lease. If UK took like this UAE what will happen? In UAE the maximum investors are Indian and Iranian. If Iran war start what will happen to the investors as business will go down in UAE market. And if missile landed on the ocean and war time water can damage UAE. And govt. can save money from jail also if govt. can sen prisoner to their own home country. And everyday can save too much money also. Inside the jail 25% prisoner are innocent. If Iran war start what will happen to them. Arab people can also lose their own home from Iran war. And there is only one way govt. can run Mum media and make peace in Dubai UAE.

UAE Seven ruler follow Sharia Law. If respect Sharia Law, if you want to stop the Iran War please take action now and run Mum Media.

Dubai is making money making country and everybody want to take Dubai. More than 2Million Iranian & local both. Before India and Pakistan was one in 1947, after that year British divided them. Now 2012, Iranian and Arab will be divided. If you want to stop the war right now take action, run the Fame device allover the world and make peace.

Note: UAE built not strong land and all over in the sea. If Iran attack all sea damage.  After the water damage the UAE.

Today, maximum invest in UAE Indian and Iranian anything happen in UAE and Iran somebody damage maximum our India. Who ministers take quick action or.
All over the world Islamic family already citizen (local) put every court at public petition.  I request all UAE resident dp you want peace life in UAE take quick action.

If Iran war will start from water also can damage UAE because one missile 13,600 kg if like this 20 missiles going down in the sea must be creating earthquake or flood and will damage UAE. JUst like what happened in Japan, Sri Lanka Tsunami. Kuwait and Iraq war America took advantage. Now, if Iran war start they will definitely take UAE adavantage. Make action put Fame device allover the world making billions and stop war.


If we place our device against the multiple weapons on show we will come to the conclusion that our Fame device will give more benefits than the munitions. Why? because it brings happiness without any loss and provides jobs. On the other hand those weapons can snatch your home and cause us to loose everything. Is the person who created the Fame good or better than the creator of weapons?


  • First Adam - Before the creation of woman, Adam is in a sense not yet specifically male. - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adam_and_Eve
  • Scholars roughly date the Bhagavad Gita to the period between 200 BCE and 200 AD
  • The history of the United Kingdom as a unified sovereign state began with the political union of the kingdoms of England, which included Wales, and Scotland on 1 May 1707
  • The history of the United States traditionally starts with the Declaration of Independence in the year 1776
  • The History of Sri Lanka begins around 30,000 years ago
  • In 1960, following protests from the Samyukta Maharashtra movement, the city was incorporated into the dominion of the newly created Maharashtra State from Mumbai State.

All public these web sites update every language and sent to every country
Google translate, read please. Link http://translate.google.com/

دون اذن محكمة الإمارات العربية المتحدة لا شيء ممكن

القانون الجنائي الكسارة قوة 1٪ أكثر من حاكم عربي.

من حاكم عربي 1 CID أعطيه 100٪ الكسارة قانون الأدلة الجنائية الصادقة CID العربي

  ضد هدية لي هذه هدية إلى دولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة، وأنا لا أريد أي شيء في المقابل.

هذه هي خطة السلام العربية العالم.
لماذا العربي القطري ضرر 99٪؟

  بعض الكسارة القانون العربي لا تريد أن تنمو العربي.

أنا وحدي، وأنا غير قادر على تشغيل هذا المشروع الإمارات العربية المتحدة.

يجب على حكومة الإمارات العربية المتحدة السيطرة على المشروع مثل الدوائر الحكومية للمياه والكهرباء وغيرها من


Law breaker criminal 1% power more than Arab ruler.
Who Arab ruler one CID I give him 100% Arab law breaker criminal evidence Sincere CID
 against my gift This is a gift to UAE and I don't want anything in return.
This is a world Arab peace plan.
Why Arab country 99% damage?

Law breaker criminal 1% power more than Arab ruler.

Who Arab ruler one CID I give him 100% Arab law breaker criminal evidence Sincere CID

 against my gift This is a gift to UAE and I don't want anything in return.

This is a world Arab peace plan.
Why Arab country 99% damage?

 Some Arab law breaker not want to grow Arab. 

I am alone and I am unable to run this project uAE.

The UAE government should control the project like water,electricity and other government departmentsnot want to grow Arab. 

I am alone and I am unable to run this project uAE.

The UAE government should control the project like water,electricity and other government departments



إلى صاحب السمو الشيخ محمد بن راشد آل مكتوم، دبي، أ.ع.م

إستئنافي :

Google translate, read please. Link http://translate.google.com/

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بمشيئة الله فإنني موجود في السجن كما أنني أرسل هذا الرسالة الإلهية إلى كافة حكام الإمارات السبعة.

لقد قمت بتصميم جهاز اف ايه ام ئى وهو مشروع فريد وتصور جديد بعون الله وهو جهاز مثل اللمبة السحرية الادين وخلال فترة زمنية قصيرة فإن هذا الجهاز السحري سيزيل كل البؤس من كافة دول منطقة وسيحرر الجميع من أوجه المعاناة التي وقعت على دول مجلس التعاون الخليجي في الفترات السابقة وهذا البنك السحري قد أراده الله لمساعدة الجميع في كسب المال خلال حياتهم دون أن يكون لديهم أي رأسمال وسيجعل هذا الجهاز كل شخص غنياً في العالم العربي وهو يمثل ثورة. وسيحقق العالم العربي رقماً متميزاً في سجل جينيس من خلال نمو الإقتصاد والنجاح الفاعل للفرد وللجميع. يرجى زيارة هذا الموقع لمزيد من التفاصيل www.fame.ae .

خلال 2000 عاماً الماضية حكم البريطانيين العالم وقام مقاتل الحرية الهندي المهاتما غاندي من خلال قيادة حملات على مستوى الأمة لتخفيف الفقر وتوسيع حقوق المرأة وبناء السلام الديني والعرقي وزيادة الإقتصاد إعتماداً على الذات وفوق كل شئ قام بتحرير الهند من حكم الراجا البريطانيين من خلال نبذ العنف. لقد إتجه غاندي إلى عدم ممارسة العنف والإعتماد على الحقيقة في كل الظروف.

وعلى نحوٍ مماثل لتفكير غاندي وبإرادة الله قمت بتصميم جهاز اف ايه ام ئى. وفي الحلم أمرني الله بالمساهمة بهذا الجهاز مع حكام الإمارات السبعة لأجل رفاهية العالم العربي. إن جهاز اف ايه ام ئى هو جهاز سيحقق ملايين الدولارات لإمارة دبي من السياح والمقيمين وسوف يكون إضافة إلى مجد دبي.

وبالمقابل فإنني ألتمس من سلطات دبي المختصة أن تمنحني العدالة. إنني برئ ومستثمر وقد عانيت الكثير منذ عام 1998. وبهذا المشروع الإبداعي فقد أردت جلب السلام والراحة في كافة أنحاء الإمارات. لقد عشت في دبي لمدة 34 عاماً تقريباً وهي مثل وطني وليس لدي سجل إجرامي طيلة حياتي. لقد إستثمرت كل مدخرات حياتي في هذا المشروع لأجل جلب الراحة والطمأنينة في الحياة اليومية للإنسان لأجل الحصول على الغذاء. إن هناك مهنيون متعلمون يحضرون إلى دبي بحثاً عن الوظيفة وهذا المشروع سيُلبي حاجة ملايين الباحثين عن العمل من ذوي تأشيرات العمل على أساس العمل بالتعاقد والعمل الجزئي وكذلك لأولئك الذين لا يستطيعون العمل لأسباب عديدة فإنه يمكنهم أيضاً العمل من منازلهم وهم مستريحون.


دولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة لديها سبعة الميناء الجوي، 77O للشقق الفندقية HOLIDAY 34562، مراكز التسوق 75. مجموع المباني الإقامة 66،6000، 245686 المباني التجارية في 1000000 = مجموع (المباني، والإمارات العربية المتحدة تقريبا.) ويشمل 25٪


الإمارات العربية المتحدة الفريق القانوني لأولئك الذين لا يعرفون الإنجليزية، من فضلك تعلم اللغة الإنجليزية في 7 months.2013 كل عمل eanglish والعربية. لا الانجليزية ولا عمل فريق قانوني 90٪ تفقد وظيفة
وظائف مدى الحياة القانونية المحلية الإماراتية الاسرة

1،000،000 (المباني و1000000 المحلية الإماراتية وظائف مدى الحياة FAMIL100٪ من الشباب أو المتقاعدين Dh15 إلى 25000

جميع الدول العربية الإمارات العربية المتحدة 100٪ LOCAL العمر FAMIL2 ملايين الوظائف من الشباب أو المتقاعدين Dh15 إلى 25000 + نمذجة chance100٪ ترتيب منطقة منزلك أي مبنى تجاري 5-10 إعداد مكان متر جهاز شهرة 1000000 (المباني، والإمارات العربية المتحدة تقريبا.


To His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Dubai, U.A.E.

Dubai.In exchange I plead the concerning Dubai Authorities to give me justice.

Google translate, read please. Link http://translate.google.com/

Lifetime partner Link: http://www.mummedia.info/downloads/petition.doc

All Check Lifetime Jobs the Link: http://www.mummedia.info.htm

I have designed fame device, a unique project and a new concept by order of God. It is a device like Aladdin’s Magic lamp. In a short span of time, this magical device will remove all the miseries from all over the Gulf countries and will relieve all from the sufferings that has befallen on GCC countries, in the recent times. This is a magical bank made by God to help all to earn money life-time with ZERO capital. It will make everyone rich in the Arab world and is a revolution.  The Arab world will make a mark in the Guinness Books of record with growth of Economy and success following efficiently, to one and all. Check this website for more details: www.fame.ae

Over 2000 years, British ruled the world. Indian freedom fighter Mahatma Gandhi, by leading nationwide campaigns for easing the poverty, expanding women’s rights, built religious and ethnic peace, increased economic self reliance, and above all made India free from British Raj (rule) by non-violence. Gandhi strove to practice non-violence and truth in all circumstances.

Similarly my Gandhi brain and with permission of Allah, designed FAME Device and in my dream Allah ordered me to contribute this device to the Seven Rulers of Emirates for welfare of the Arab world.  FAME device is a device that will bring Dubai millions of dollars from tourists and residents and add to the glory of Dubai.

I wanted to bring peace and harmony, all over Emirates. I have lived in Dubai for almost 34 years it is like my home. I have no criminal record in my life. I invested my entire life-savings in this project only to bring comfort and ease in the day to day life of a man to earn his bread. Educated professionals come to Dubai in search of employment. This project will feed millions of job-hunters on employment visas; on contract basis as well as part-time and for those who cannot work for various reasons can also work from the comfort of their home.

The UAE has seven AIR PORT, 77O HOTEL 34,562 HOLIDAY APARTMENTs,   75 SHOPPING CENTRES. TOTAL 66,6000 Residence buildings, 245686 Commercial buildings in  Total = 1,000,000(buildings, approx UAE.) includes 25%

All Arab uae 100% LOCAL FAMIL2 MILLIONS Lifetime JOBS YOUNG OR RETIRED Dh15 to 25000 + Modeling chance100% arrange your home  area any commercial building 5 to 10 meter place setup Fame device 1,000,000(buildings, approx UAE I Want Chenel Partner .

UAE legal team for those who don’t know English, please learn English in 7 months.2013 all work eanglish and Arabic. No English no job a legal team 90% you lose job

 Lifetime JOBS legal UAE LOCAL FAMIL

1,000,000(buildings and 1,000,000 UAE LOCAL FAMIL100 % Lifetime JOBS YOUNG OR RETIRED Dh15 to 25000


الحكام وقت الحياة الذي يكسب؟
قانون العدالة الحاكم أو قانون حاكم الموجة؟
الذين أكثر قوة؟ السمعة أو المال؟
الذي حاكم تعطيني الصادق CID؟
أعطيه الإمارات العربية المتحدة الكسارة القانون العرب دليل 100٪
لماذا العربي القطري ضرر 99٪؟
100٪ ضرر كل بلد قواطع قانون 2013

أنا في حاجة إلى مساعدة من الحكام العدل. دبي الإمارات العربية المتحدة الله / الله ولد لي لينمو دبي، الإمارات العربية المتحدة المستويات الدولية في بناء دولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة 100٪ محلي وظائف مدى الحياة الملايين في صنع المال خطة سلام جاهزة.
Rulers Life time who win-win?
Law Justice Ruler OR Law Breaker Ruler?
Who power more? Reputation OR Money?
who Ruler give me Sincere CID?
I give him UAE Arabs law breaker 100% evidence
Why Arab country 99% damage?
100% damage All Law Breaker country 2013

Petrol price has under lien the Ministers of the World

Mum Media, without shedding a single drop of blood and give100% ENDS slavery peace to the world.


Lifetime partner Download Petition

Lifetime 15 type of Jobs Kilometer Document


I want a lady lawyer as I am not lawyer I cannot register a law firm of my own but I have will power and financial capacity to build up the team in international levels. If she is sincere she can take Mum Media project as a working partner and from my legal issue fight for 100% real JUSTICE win-win. Damages and profits sharing and saved every year billions of dollars and make Indira Gandhi reputation. She can recover 33% and from Mum Media 33% also.

Ambitious plans free legal & all advice on Dubai UAE Major citizen towns,we shall provide well equipped offices for a team of 15-20 Professional Teams. 

This is not merely an advertisement or a marketing proposal.   A Trust that is formed for creating a global system of “Justice for All” has decided to invest its entire funds in this ambitious project.


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Why 90% of the people in this world trust Gandhi to be a quasi-God and not 100%? This is because Gandhi did not act independently which resulted in a victory of divide and rule.
I am not lawyer a duplicate Gandhi and the genie of Aladdin’s magic lamp acting independently Mum media.

I will enable governments to increase their revenues in a short period of time so that everyone would be happy and there would be no divide and rule practice. These things would help us in fulfilling Gandhi’s vision of creating a new world order enshrining peace, honesty, love and prosperity thereby creating thousands of Gandhi’s and saving this world.
This is a Free Advice to all Ministers from Duplicate Gandhi. Public always win before Ministers. Now you can win before the public or else the public would attack you.

Students are equivalent to the God pillar in every country. Each College student unite and make application on every court such that no one in the court will refuse.

The Emirates and THE SEVEN RULERS have the powers to take independent decisions. They can give a compulsory order that every building will set-up the Mum media and the media price will be fixed by the government with not more than 2 to 3 fils per second.

The seven rulers should do everything possible to change the law in the same way Shri Bal Thackeray changed Bombay to Mumbai.
UAE, India If every court this order passed, Mum media every building is the world will follow.
Drop drop make ocean similar Fils - fils making billions

Aladdin's lamp is a quality product of commercial Mum media where 3 to 6 screens with 25 to 40 print media and internet brings an income of minimum 5 fils/second ie, 180 fils/hour. 180 Dhs. x 15 hours = 2,700 per day per device day 2,700 X 360 days = 972,000 X 25% = 243000; 972000 X 15% =145,800; 972,000 X 10% =97,200; 972,000 X 1% = 9720. A commission of 1% can bring up to millions by any sales person.

The UAE has seven AIR PORT, 77O HOTEL 34,562 HOLIDAY APARTMENTs,   75 SHOPPING CENTRES. TOTAL 66,6000 Residence buildings, 245686 Commercial buildings in  Total = 1,000,000(approx.) UAE includes 25%

Per day per Mum media day Dhs 2,700 X 1000000 = 270000000000 X 25% 675,000,000 (Six billions seventy five millions per day). Thus the expense of the Government per day will be converted to savings. We will set up Mum media in every building when the order is passed.

Shri Bal Thackeray (Chairman of Shiv Sena and Shri Rahul Gandhi  the face of young India are strong, In India, which is the country of my birth is a big country. India 575 ministers and billions building if India every minister makes order then every second saving making billion dollar income per hour.

This is not merely an advertisement or a marketing proposal.   A trust that is formed for creating a global system of “Justice for All” has decided to invest its entire funds in this ambitious project. Up to today 39 years, there has been no interference by any politician in any other country in Dubai and India 63 years.

Everybody want money, money do crime and lose own mom/family reputation before 2013 everybody follow this project, everybody make unlimited money. No crime, no government expense and declare all world peace and tax free country. This chance first from give UAE seven ruler why? They are only1 million UAE passport holder, family Iranian an Arab. If both of them fight taking advantage of other country will lose their own kingdom. Declare 2013 UAE tax free country.

The age of the Earth is 4.54 billion years –Only six billion God child. One billion years not two
Who bond the men? Mum, Retire and Young Students, you respect your brother, father, boyfriend, your Mum do you want to merry 18 to 20 ages quickly.  And now you make new world, ready pre-planned in your hand Check Link - Download Petition

Our challenge is (by Indian 120 billions public demand& ): -  public petition in every Indian court; 21 High courts, 26 District courts and Supreme court and in UAE; 12 in Abu Dhabi, 8 in Dubai, 1 in Ajman and Sharjah.


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